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Hey Mitek We Need Help!!!

We hope that if you have visited our website for more than directions to our new shop you would use our support feature if you feel teh need. We do our best to reply to every question or comment within 24-48 hours.

We would also hope that if you are in the market for a new or refurbished notebook or desktop, or simply need a reliable computer repair center that doesn't charge and arm and a leg you woudl also give us a call at 859-985-0050 OR simply contact us via our UserVoice customer panel which you are using now.

Our specialties include virus and spyware removal, affordable upgrades and refurbished HIGH END notebooks, as well as system and software reloads. We also are the areas number one source for recovering backups from a damaged hard drive or flash drive where others have failed. We not only work on or repair PCs we work on and repair Macs and Linux systems as well. In fact we know you will NOT find another repair center in teh area that has the caliber of technicians that are available to you at Mitek Computers. Just ask around. You will find that we just do not say we are the best, our customers KNOW we are the best and we prove it on a daily basis.

Mitek Staff

Thank you for visiting Mitek Computers on the web.

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