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Man. there is nothing worse in this world that turning on your system only to be greeted with this hacked looking black or red screen as your desktop explaining to you that your system has been hijacked and all of you files have been encrypted. The crook that does this then goes about explaining how you can pay his company so many dollars (anywhere from 100-5000 dollars to get a decryption key so you can unlock your files and delete the ransomware.

Oh yeah you must normally use a Tor browser and bitcoin on the dark web to pay for everything, so in all reality there are 0 guarantees your system will be returned to normal even if you pay. So its kind of like being caught between a rock and a hard place.

The very best thing you can do if you ever see one of these screens is to turn off and unplug your system and get it to your trustworthy computer technician as soon as possible. If you even attempt to run and anti virus or anti spyware program you will no doubt remove teh ransomware BUT in the process you will lose any chance or recovering your UNENCRYPTED yep everything you have ever had on your computer will be encrypted, everything on any flash drive or external drive IF connected to your computer will be encrypted and IF you are connected to a home network there is a distinct possibility that every  computer, desktop, laptop, all in one ,windows based tablets that connect to your network will become infected (computers... not TVs or phones)

So if you have any windows based devices connected, more than likely they will become infected or encrypted as well. Ransomware of any kind these days is very sophisticated and there is no way to recover your files without the key or sometimes by a tech that knows how to pull shadow copies of files before you or anyone else messes with the system.

Mitek Computers techs do have several decryption tools available for many of the older ransomware programs, but new ones that have just been released or improved or updated over the past few months will probably NOT have a decryption tool at all...ever.

So remember, if you KNOW for sure or even THINK your system has been hit with ransomware, turn off your system, unplug it, bring any hard drive or flash drive tha twas connected to teh system along with any power cords to the techs at Mitek Computers. We will never promise we can get your files back but we are more than likely one of the few people in teh southeast United States that can actually work around teh ransomware in many cases.

Our prices for this service varies wildly from system to system,. If we can use one of our tools to regain your files, then of course that will be much less than a system we have to put a few hours in recovering shadow copies of files. These ransomware programs mess with your most important things like your photos, your email, your documents , databases, and spreadsheets, programs like Quickbooks or any accounting software. It doesn't matter if you are a normal user or a business user if and when it does happen to you, it is absolutely one of the most disheartening things you will ever run into on your computer system

A few years ago people didnt worry too much about photos etc, simply because they were backing them up or they had hard copies. These days everything, and we do mean everything, is stored on peoples phones and computers. If you have not been diligent enough to back everything you have up to a cloud service like Google Drive, ICloud, Carbonite, DropBox etc  which can be expensive for sure if you need full backups on a terabyte or larger drives. Sometimes if you are connected to your drive when you encounter the ransomware, even your cloud drive can become encrypted. These are extremely intelligent programs and they do just what they were designed to do. make you miserable and cost a lot of money if there is no way you can lose the files that have become encrypted.

So again contact Mitek Computers and we will see what we can do for you at very affordable rates. Call us at 859.985.0050 or email us at and we will do everything in our power to make sure you do not lose your files to these hellish ransomware programs.

Tech "Jev"

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