Fake Anti Virus

Everything on your system is working fine. You take some Microsoft updates, reboot your system, and wham, now you have what LOOKS like a true anti-virus running on your desktop, and for some unknown reason it is telling you, that you are infected out the wazoo with viruses and Trojans. If you give them 29,39,49,59,69 dollars then of course the program will turn into the "professional" version and will remove all of these viruses for you.

Alas, you have just been infected with a FAKE ANTI VIRUS program, and this can be one really nasty bugger to get rid of. Normally if you do searches for removal kits etc, most of the "removal" kits themselves are viruses, especially the free ones. You should really know what you are doing before you even try to remove this virus. There are several steps involved to make certain it is removed completely.

We would suggest contacting Mitek Computers at 859-985-0050 or by simply emailing us using the form you are working in right now. In fact you can just bring your system in, and we can get rid of it for you, the RIGHT way.

You can take a chance and try and get rid of it yourself, but in all honesty you will probably end up making it worse as opposed to better.

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