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You Repaired My System BUT...

Mitek Computers repairs and restores hundreds of computers every month. Many times customers will call us when they get home because they are having problems with their internet connections, their printers not working, and items of that nature.

We have put together a short tutorial that may help you get your system running to its peak performance by simply following some of the steps below.

Printer Not Working

  1. When you first get your computer home, connect your monitor, your mouse, your keyboard, and you internet. DO NOT connect your printer or all in one at this time. This goes for any peripheral device such as a scanner etc.
  2. Turn on your system and wait until you see your Windows desktop.
  3. Have your printer installation CD on hand, and insert it into your optical drive (CD or DVD drive). Remember your printer is NOT connected to the computer at this time.
  4. Start the printer installation. It will eventually come to a place where it TELLS you your printer is not connected to the computer. Insert the USB cable into an available port on your computer at this time. 
  5. The installation will continue and when it is finished your printer should be working fine.

Internet Not Working

There is nothing more frustrating than your internet not connecting or not working. We have added some tips for you to follow should you get home and your internet will not connect. These are fairly generic instructions BUT will normally work whether you have DSL or cable or even satellite internet no matter who the carrier.

  1. First and foremost you should make sure your modem is working properly and that your internet connection is actually up. Check all the lights on your modem and make sure they are all lit up as they should be. If you are not sure call your ISP and make sure your internet is actually up and running.
  2. Make certain you are hard wired connected at first. In other words insert a CAT5 cable from your modem to the RJ45 (Ethernet) jack on your computer even if its a laptop.
  3. Unplug or skip any router you have attached to your modem. Plug your computer directly into the modem and try your internet that way first. Sometimes a router will need to be reset.
  4. If your provider (ISP) gave you a CD to install your internet, and IF we reloaded your system, you will need to insert the CD the ISP gave you and re-install your internet.  This is a MUST especially if you are on Windstream DSL in Berea Ky or other areas. The CD connects you to their website and makes certain you have an active account with them.
  5. Make sure your modem is getting power. Time and time again we go to customers homes and find the power plug disconnected or the phone line disconnected from the modem. Sometimes we even find bad surge protects or power strips. It is always best to have any item connected to an electrical wall outlet when you are troubleshooting just to make sure your power strip is not the culprit.
We hope this short tutorial has helped you somewhat. If you have tried all of the above and are still having problems, simply call Mitek Computers at 859-985-0050 or email us using this form and we will help you every way possible. We know your computer was working just as it should when it left our shop so we know its not a computer problem, but we will be more than happy to help you any way we can when it comes to problems of this nature.

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