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My Computer Won't Power On

Your computer is fine one day, you turn it off as you always do, and the next day it just won't power on at all. What could have happened?

This is quite normal for most systems dependent upon their age and use. Here are some things you can check. If none of these suggestions work, then you need to take your computer to a repair center such as Mitek Computers in Berea Ky. We are experts at dealing with systems that will not power on. Normally desktops will require a power supply replacement. Laptops not powering on can indicate one of several problems. Mitek Computers keeps power supplies and adapters in stock for most computers. We can usually have it repaired while you wait.

For desktops:

  1. Make certain your power cord is seated securely at the back of your tower and at the wall outlet.
  2. Check the power cord for damage  You wouldn't believe how many we have seen that have been chewed and gnawed on by puppies during the night.
  3. Skip your surge arrest, power strip, or battery backup. Disconnect the power cord from any of these items and plug the cord directly to a working wall socket.
  4. If everything checks out, and you still do not have power on, then it is time to bring it in to Mitek for service,

For laptops:

  1. First thing, remove the battery from your laptop and plug your power adapter into a known working wall socket. It is not uncommon for a battery to be so flat that it will not allow the system to power on.
  2. Make sure your battery is seated tightly and properly.
  3. Skip any surge arrests, power strips, or battery backups and connect directly to a wall socket.
  4. DO NOT try running off the battery alone. Make sure your adapter is plugged in. Could be you just have a dead battery.
  5. You may just have a bad adapter. This is one of the most common replacements on a laptop. Check it for damage or soft wiring close to the brick and close to the end that plugs into the laptop power jack. This is where most damage occurs. Test your adapter with a volt meter if you have one available. Adapters should put out 15-20 volts DC for most laptops.
  6. If everything checks out you could have some deeper issues. Just bring your laptop to Mitek Computers for fast and courteous service. We keep adapters in stock for most laptops as well as some batteries. Worst case we can have a new OEM battery for you within 2 days or so.
Call Mitek at 859-985-0050 if you are having power on issues or simply email us using the support application you are working in right now.

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