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Mitek Computers Refurbished Systems Available Now!!!

Mitek Computers LLC techs spent many many years (almost 25) getting as many Microsoft certifications as possible, but the one we are most proud of other than our System and Networking Engineers degree is our Microsoft Refurbishers License.

We buy up [pallets of off lease and used systems that are super high end systems even today and we rebuild or refurbish and outfit them in such a way they are as good or even much better than any comparably priced system you can buy today. In fact most of our refurbished notebooks, tablets, desktops, workstations and servers are BETTER and MUCH cheaper than what you can buy right now.

With prices for notebooks starting in teh 300 range and desktops starting in teh 250$ range you would be severely hard pressed to find any system refurbisher that gives you much more bang for the buck than Mitek Computers in Berea Ky. We have been in business since 2001 and our owner and master technician Mike aka Jeb has been involved in the development, security, networking, designing and building, and repair and upgrade of systems since teh late 80s. You will find no technician in our area that is more in tune and in touch with everything from Apple systems, Linux systems, and normal Windows systems. In other words if it is a computer, we cab rebuild it, make it better and faster and tougher than anything you could buy off teh shelf at places like Wal-Mart of Office depot or Best Buy.

So give us a call at 859.985.0050 , email us at ,or text us at 859.893.4954 for our current price and product list. We will get it to you pronto. We update our product and price sheet approximately every 10 days or so as we receive systems from our suppliers.

All of our units are considered A+ and A , A minus and  B+ graded refurbs. In other words they look and perform like new with MAYBE a a couple of scuffs and scratches here and there.

An A + system is new old stock, and A system is a system that looks 99% new with very limited use, an A minus system may have very few scuffs and scratches and a B+ system will have a few more scuffs and scratches but usually nothing that most people would even notice. It really nice when you buy a system for 300-900 bucks now that would have cost at least 1500-4000$ a year or two ago. 90% of our systems are NEW old stock or off lease systems that were used by major corporation executives, which means that many times our systems look like they have never been touched at all.

So check out or exclusive Mitek Computers Refurbished and Certified Systems.. no one does it better at a better price . We warranty all of our refurbished systems hardware for a minimum of 6 months with extended warranties or 1 and 2 years available at extremely attractive prices.

Every refurbished system we sell comes with either a keyboard and mouse (desktops and all in ones) or a wireless mouse (notebooks) FREE

We have all types of upgrades available from increased memory to SSD drives to larger hard drives and any operating system you prefer.

All of our systems come with Windows 10 Professional 64 bit unless stated otherwise. We can LEGALLY install  the systems original OS such as Windows 7 Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 if you prefer any of these over Windows 10. We can even add Office software for refurbished systems at extremely attractive pricing. We have LED monitors starting at 22 inch all teh way through 42 inches new and used or off lease. We have tons of USB wired keyboards and mice from HP Dell Lenovo etc.

The major 3 OEM brands we sell are Dell, HP, and Lenovo in that order. From time to time we have access to Apple notebook and desktop and even IPad systems along with other OEM manufacturers like Asus, Acer and others.

One more thing. Mitek Computers does not deal with phones or phone repairs of any type. We are strictly a computer and networking and installation shop and a very small independently owned and operated business. Since our shop is within 100 yards of our home we are truly open 24/7/365 ..even on holidays. A  GPS coordinated map is on our website will give you exact driving and flying and even walking directions to our door no matter where you reside or are located in the world. Our map is based on our true latitude and longitude so you simply type in your starting point and you will get extremely accurate maps to our business courtesy of Google Maps.

Visit us online a on your computer or phone.

Thanks for stopping by.


Michael "Jev" Gevedon

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