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My Hard Drive Crashed...Arghhh

The worst thing that can happen to any computer user is a hard drive crash. Sad to say most people NEVER backup their system, and if they do it is only occasionally, so most backups are out of date by as much as a year or more. You start thinking that MAYBE you can have the files recovered from your dead drive. In all reality this is a solution, but look at this.

You call the online recovery centers only to find out, you not only need the name of the folders or files you need recovered but you also need about $500-$5000 dollars to even start the process.

At Mitek Computers we are recommended more than ANY other service center when it comes to file recovery at affordable rates. We have software and hardware that is EXTREMELY proprietary and expensive that we use to try and recover your files. So before you withdraw  your kids college money to have your files recovered, bring your system into Mitek. We have an 80% success rate on file recovery and our prices are considerably less than any of the online major clean room file recovery centers.

We don't just recover certain files, we recover every file possible. We then transfer these files to DVD media, or an external hard drive, or even another computer at prices that just are not possible when dealing with the "professional" recovery centers.

If we cannot recover your files, we do have one company that we deal with that gives us some of the best prices in the industry and we pass these savings on to your , our customer.

So if your hard drive is dead, or clanking like marbles in a tin can, then just give us a call at (859) 985-0050 or email us using this application, or just drop off the hard drive and let us see what we can do for you. Please note you can EASILY destroy any possibility of recovering ANY files from your crashed drive if you let anyone that is not familiar with the process try a recovery software or freeware program. 

Resist the urge to do it yourself or let your "technician friend" have a go at it. Do yourself a HUGE favor and improve your chances of recovering your files. Take your drive to a PROFESSIONAL such as those you will always find at Mitek Computers. What have you got to lose but EVERYTHING!

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