Remote Repairs

If you have tried everything you know to do, and you have had no luck with your computer at all and IF you can connect to the internet, then you are an ideal candidate for remote access repairs.

In numerous cases Mitek Computers can solve your computer issues simply through remotely accessing your computer, and running our standard tools and operations in order to solve your problem.

All it requires on your end is downloading and installing a remote access software that we point you to via phone or email. Once it has installed simply email us your user id  and password or send it to us via text and within a few minutes we will be working on your system.

Please understand these days you should know exactly who you are dealing with when it comes to remote repairs. We have been in the computer business well over 25 years, and have had our retail location since 2001. We have performed hundreds of remote repairs. Add to that our shop is insured and bonded for 1 million dollars whether during a remote repair session , an onsite repair service call, or a standard in shop session. We are the best in the business, honest in all of our business, and our main concern has always been our customers and their satisfaction.

We accept PayPal, all normal credit cards via PayPal and Dwolla along with several other payment options for performing our remote access repairs. Our minimum rate is $49.00 for the first hour with rates decreased to $40.00 per hour pro-rated at 10$ per quarter hour past the first hour. We normally have all repairs finished within the first hour and our standard remote repair average for most customers is right around $60.00 for a guaranteed repair.

If we feel your system cannot be repaired remotely we will have you bring the system into our shop and discount whatever you were charged for the remote repair. 

The main point being that we ALWAYS take care of our customers and we always make certain your computer is operating correctly before we disconnect the remote repair session.

So give us a call at 859-985-0050 or call or text 859-893-4954 or simply fill out the contact form in this Mitek Support window and we will contact you as soon as humanly possible. We provide remote repairs when it is convenient for you even if its at 3:00 in the morning. 

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