FBI Virus

There are so many variants of this virus it is ridiculous, but all of them end the same way. Your desktop is covered by this HUGE warning from the FBI, DOJ, DEA , NSA etc telling you that you have been captured downloading illegal files and IF you do not want to be arrested within 24 hours you will need to send a green dot or online payment in the amount of anywhere from 200$ up to 1000$ to have the warning removed, or to not end up in jail.

Relax, you have just been infected with what is commonly known as the FBI virus. This is probably the worst virus you can get these days, simply because there are so many variants (5000 at last count). Normal removal and anti virus tools will just not work on removing this one at all.

If you have this virus we would suggest bringing in your system immediately to Mitek Computers or call us at 859-985-0050 to schedule an appointment if you feel the need. Appointments are NEVER necessary at Mitek, and we can normally have your system back to you the same or next business day as far as virus removal is concerned.

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